EIN2 – Electronic Music Label from Berlin.

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EIN2-015 | Various Artists – Assembly 02

01. Nico Morano – Adelante
02. Facettes – K.I.S.
03. Christopher Ivor – Internal Sun

No intro, no time for softness. Nico Morano starting with a clear and techy base line on out “Assembly 02“. We’ve collected three amazing tracks to bring ya on the dancefloor. Belgiums new Top DJ is bringing us tech house with a dark groove and waving synths. Facettes “K.I.S“ is more minimal and reminds us of the good old raver days with it’s classy elements. Finally Christopher Ivor is joining the team with his “Internal Sun“ – sexy and four to the floor with some unique rhythms. Enjoy the mixture and stay tuned.

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