EIN2 – Electronic Music Label from Berlin.

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EIN2-016 | Mattia Pompeo – Second Shadow EP

01. Mattia Pompeo – Astral
02. Mattia Pompeo – Second Shadow
03. Mattia Pompeo – Astral (Beatamines Remix)

Future tunes coming out on Ein2. With Mattia Pompeo’s „Astral“ we bring you a groovy and long lasting dancefloor killer. Emotional, full and warm is the Ep’s title track with it’s deep hypnotic rhythm. Mister Beatamines created a more techy remix, without loosing the deepness of the track. The melody gets more grounded and behind the desk. „Second Shadow“ starts slow and it is getting a really progressive rave number. Powerful and without a rest it’s bringing you to another dimension of electronic sounds.

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