EIN2 – Electronic Music Label from Berlin.

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EIN2-026 | Microtrauma – Vona EP

01. Vona
02. Lootus
03. Spero
04. Vona (Hidden Empire Remix)

Two of a kind – music lovers, passionated artists and friends. We say welcome Microtrauma on Ein2 with a really clubby EP which breaks through the summer laziness. “Vona“ is so powerfull from the very beginning with it’s deep bass line and the running claps. but the break will make you speechless, a heart breaking melody to raise your hands. “Spero“ comes up dark and techy. A simple but effective groove guides you deep into the night. A lot of beeps and whizzes a long crackling snares. So “Lootus“ is opening the door again for some sun beams and light. With amazing piano chords and a bright spectrum of influences this one is unique and catchy. Hidden Empire delivers a great remix of “Vona“ on top to a great mix of sweet synths and mallet percussion.

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