EIN2 – Electronic Music Label from Berlin.

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EIN2-027 | Acumen – Innocent Flower EP

01. Acumen – Innocent FLower
02. Acumen – Grand Ma
03. Acumen – Distance Fatale

EIN2 keep up the pressure with their latest release, a new EP from French producer and scene veteran Acumen. The Time Has Changed boss releases music on labels like Non Stop and always layers in real emotion to his house grooves.

Innocent Flower goes first here and is a broody track with pained bass and poignant melodies riding up and down the scale. Glassy tinkles and clever filters all help add to the dreamy and escapist feel of the groove. Grand Ma then keeps you on your toes with a lively tech number that has poised chords that never resolve. It is an edgy track with big drums and drama in the synths and again is likely to stand out in any set. Distance Fatale is a house number with synths that are epic and well sculpted. They are filled with a sense of loss and as the beats roll on below they get you in a trance.

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