EIN2 – Electronic Music Label from Berlin.

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EIN2-014 | Einmusik – Pristine EP

01. Pristine
02. Tainted
03. Solar Progression

In the beginning everything is sorted, clear and natural structured. “Pristine“ is the start of something new. We are proud to send you out to a refreshed universe full of emotions and straight bleeps. Welcome Einmusik for the first time on EIN2. Synths in full effect, an exalted vision of melodic techno in it and a break which will bring ya goosebumps, that’s the title track.
“Tainted“ is much more darker, the story isn’t only sunny anymore. The synths promising no miracles, more a reflection of the time with all it’s effects, wild and surreal and a bit apocalyptic till the break is giving us a short release. We are not ending up with this mood. “Solar Progression“ is bringing the lightness back with it’s easy melody and the playful elements. A musical sunrise, just to let ya start the new day with a smile.


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